1. sloppysammy:

    It was past due, I needed a photo of me with my bike.

  2. bikeanderson:

    Damn it, New Zealand. I love you.

  3. Nice ride this evening - on another note I’m dying to get a film camera…too bad all my money is going towards a new cross bike.

  4. pristinecyclery:

    The new Faster Than You Crew caps are now available! Limited by 150. Check our website for more info.
    #fasterthanyoucrew #cap #pristine #clothing #fixedgear #fixie #wearitwithpride

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  5. bisikleta:

    Hong Kong Style (by Father_TU)

  8. dukester00:

    The start of my rider profile is up on the Unknown Bikes website! Follow this link: http://www.unknownbikes.com/tori/ and check out the new Combat Frame I’ve been racing with on the street and on the track.

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